This meticulous dissection of Prevagen® commercials underscores just how brands leverage image and narrative psychology, as well as elements of behavior design, to create monetizeable storytelling.

If you’re into commercialized brand storytelling, advertising design (with behavioral design contexts), and the realms of image and narrative psychology, this super deep-dive and…

Chapter 3 from Finding Truth in Fiction: What Fan Culture Gets Right–And Why It’s Good to Get Lost in a Story (Dill-Shackleford & Vinney, 2020)— a book about the rich value we derive from consuming fictional stories— focuses on actors, their roles, and the social psychology of narrative person perception…

Kids’ media consumption choices influence their identity development from early childhood through adolescence

In reading Chapter 6 of Finding Truth in Fiction: What Fan Culture Gets Right–And Why It’s Good to Get Lost in a Story by Dill-Shackleford and Vinney (2020), a chapter that covers identity development from early childhood…

German physiologist, philosopher, and professor Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920)

Psychology Theorists, Preferred Methods, and Criticisms

Psychology started as the study of consciousness and each theorist had a different definition and preferred methods. This post explores how these theories conceptualize consciousness, offers a mention of preferred methods, and includes one criticism of each.

Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920)

During the mid-19th century, the observation of consciousness was one not viewed as a serious scientific activity (Danziger, 1980b, p. 243); a Kantian-inspired way of thinking, which centered around the notion that the mind could not be subjected to quantification and experimentation (Pickren &…

Worldwide social media usage statistic numbers grow exponentially year to year, and such has been the upward trend now for more than a decade.

Explosive social media usage growth means that billions of people throughout the globe regularly frequent social media sites to connect with friends, peers, and family many…

5 Love-Worthy Aspects About the Visual Storytelling Process

Here are my overarching visual storytelling milestones, with each phase highlighting a love-worthy aspect deserving the adoration of visual communicators far and wide:

(1) Visual discovery

Like with any project, there’s a period of exciting discovery when you find yourself pouring through notes, sifting through printouts of this or that, shuffling through books, highlighting passages, doodling diagrams, and more. These research activities, of course, are combined with the more formal discovery process where you review a…

It was 2013 when Holly, the adorable swimming cat 🐱🌊, went viral worldwide 🌍 and became an internet sensation.

Now, nearly seven years later, when I think about this viral event (that took place as a result of my live-tweeting Holly’s indoor swim), I feel a sense of accomplishment.

The news story about swimming Holly, along with my corresponding video clip (which has received 75.5K …

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

media psychologist • neuroscience scholar • philosophy curious • tech ethicist • visual artist 🎨 designer • incurable bibliophile • #amwriting ✍️🗒️✏️

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