5 Love-Worthy Aspects About the Visual Storytelling Process
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5 Love-Worthy Aspects About the Visual Storytelling Process

Here are my overarching visual storytelling milestones, with each phase highlighting a love-worthy aspect deserving the adoration of visual communicators far and wide:

(1) Visual discovery

❤️ Love-worthy Aspect #1: Your visual and messaging stashes will inspire multiple aha! moments, each one inching you closer and closer to the right mix of metaphors, metonyms, abstract ideas, and impactful language that will visually accentuate whatever message, narrative, or opinion you’ve been tasked to pictorially create or enhance.

(2) Percolated vision

❤️ Love-worthy Aspect #2: As you hone in on which visual storytelling possibilities are more feasible than others (limits to budget, resources, and time are always lurking and influencing your creative recommendations one way or another), you’ll eventually lock down your aesthetic concepts and supporting ideas.

(3) Aesthetic translations

❤️ Love-worthy Aspect #3: This is where you get to mold and shape your ideas, literally, into presentable formats to glean first impressions. At this step, you’re physically producing something visually tangible to share with others.

(4) Pictorial assembly

Sometimes, this stitching can be quite an endeavor. Maybe there’s professional photography or film production involved. Maybe there’s set design, wardrobe, or props and accessories needed. And these usually require multiple shoots depending on how much visual storytelling may be needed. Other times, the visual storytelling process is far more compact and may boil down to the assembly of simpler visual assets, such as visual language and associated graphics for use on social media or perhaps a series of illustrations (and related captions) that tell the same story in a fresh and vibrant way.

❤️ Love-worthy Aspect #4: Here, you get to execute, put all the pieces together, and make them your own, on behalf of your client. I can’t put into words how exciting it is to see your creative input breathe life into your visual storytelling concepts, copywriting, and drawings that, for some time now, have mostly existed on paper, presentation slides, or your inner thoughts.

(5) The reveal (and beyond)

❤️ Love-worthy Aspect #5: Knowing that your visual storytelling direction, ideas, and product will be consumed by multiple, vast segments of defined and undefined populations is truly the most exciting part of the visual storytelling journey.

So there you go.

A small word about visual language

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